About Shield Assets

Shield assets works in the sphere of investment, legally registered in the UK with company No: 08484853. The importance of investment can not be overemphasized as this is the only avenue of letting your money work for you. In the financial market with very volatile trade risks, Shield assets bears the burden and let’s you enjoy well tailored investment plans to help you reach your financial goals. Employing fundamental and technical analysis using different financial tools. Shield assets trade under cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, ventures capital bonds, real estate, futures and money market and these are how your maximum revenues are generated. These spheres according to financial experts are the most durable. Unlike other investments sectors, IT are recognized as the direction of the future bearing longevity in mind. We takes you to that direction and at the same time with minimal risk. Our firm comprise of skilled financial analysts, traders and hedge fund managers with rich knowledge of the financial market. Our customer relations professionals work round the clock to ensure maximum customer satisfaction aided by our various support groups where your complaint and questions are attended to.

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We all have dreams of a successful retirement, ensuring a legacy for our family, protecting our family from unexpected circumstances. Planning and taking action steps necessary to achieve these dreams can be difficult. We help our clients create a strategic plan and guide them along the way to ensure they reach their goals and objectives. We determine the financial resources available to work with and anticipate additional wealth that will be available in the future to help achieve your financial objectives Clearly define the goals and objectives important to your family Evaluate the various options and determine the appropriate planning strategies Start the journey – Determining the course of action to implement your plan Constantly evaluate – we all hit snags on this road called life. We continue to monitor the progress with our clients and make necessary adjustments

Financial planing


Wealth Creation


Risk Management

Joining steps

Our Work Process

  • 01


    To outsource with us registration is required

  • 02


    Login to your dashboard and place a deposit

  • 03


    Select any of the official wallet address BTC, ETH, USDT on Ethereum network, or BUSD on the Ethereum network and make a deposit

  • 04


    Confirmation takes only 85 seconds. Once the payment is confirmed, the Contract agreement form will be sent to your registered email address the investor will have to fill out the form, keep a copy and send a copy back to the company support This serves as the legal evidence for the contract Once the form is confirmed to be filled and signed correctly, profits start counting Automaticaly.

  • 05


    On filling the contract agreement form you are espected to fill your contract duration which should be not less than one week

  • 06


    withdrawal of profit can be made at the end of every week (Saturdays) this is optional

  • 07


    the day you chose to end your contract on contract duration, the investor must must withdraw all his / her funds and that marks the end of the contract

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